Dead Sea- Jordan, March 5, 6 2019. Pio-Tech, the leading provider of Banking Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions in the Middle East and Africa, served as the main sponsor of FinTech Innovations & the Future of Banking Services Summit, organized by Union of Arab Banks, and was held in the Kempinski Hotel, Dead Sea - Jordan.

FinTech Innovations & the Future of Banking Services Summit, featured the role of governments, central banks, and regulatory - supervisory authorities in safeguarding economic and financial stability. Through regulating FinTech business activities and mitigating any subsequent systemic idiosyncratic risk that may raise from upsurge of financial technology.  

Pio-Tech took part in the Summit and witnessed the attendance of banking and IT experts in the Arab region and Palestine, to discuss the future of traditional financial services in light of thriving FinTech innovations, by focusing on recent developments in the FinTech sector, the factors fueling its growth in the Arab region, and its crucial role in promoting financial inclusion, through exploring FinTech business models, products, and services. In addition to examining FinTech startups and their interconnected relationships with other banks & financial institutions.

Mr. Mohammad Jallad the Channels and Partner Manager at Pio-Tech presented a keynote speech on “FinTech Implications on the Economic Stability” in which he discussed the opportunities that Fintech can bring to the banking echo system, and at the same time; the need for central banks and regulatory - supervisory authorities to create regulations and regulatory frameworks to ensure utilizing Fintech while eliminating any risks, and the great impact of FinTech implying new technologies in strengthening the role of supervision and monitoring in the banking sector.


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