What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a word, name, symbol, device, design, phrase, sound, or color adopted and used by Pio-Tech to identify its goods and services and to distinguish them from other goods and services. Trademarks are usually noted with either a or a ® symbol.

Using the Trademarks and Logos.

  • Use the appropriate trademark symbol and trademark acknowledgment of Pio-tech’s ownership of the logos in question.
  • Do not incorporate Pio-tech’s trademarks or logos into your own product names, trademarks, service names, or company names, and do not adopt logos that are similar to Pio-tech’s logos.
  • Do not make unlicensed use of Pio-tech’s licensed logos, such as the Bank-BI® Logo. Third-party use of Pio-tech logos requires a license or written permission from Pio-tech. If you are interested in obtaining a license to use a Pio-tech logo, contact your Pio-tech marketing or sales representative.

Pio-Tech Trademarks:

All Pio-Tech products which are listed under Pio-Tech products are a registered trademarks of Pio-tech.

Third-Party Trademarks:

All Pio-Tech partners which are listed under the Pio-Tech partners in our website are all registered trademarks of their respective owners.