Live Webcast: Unlock your Bank’s Potential with Cloud Empowered Technology

Date: Tuesday, 28 April 2020 

Time: 12:00 - 13:15 p.m (JO time) / GMT +3 

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The current financial markets and business conditions from banks and the regulatory updates are leading to track alternative cloud empowered digital solutions to overcome the current and future challenges. These technologies have the power to unlock new potentials for the banking sector, and provide more agile services to their clients and employees employing state of the art technology solutions that is fully secured.
Join us for this live webcast, with top technology and Banking business experts in the region from Oracle and Pio-tech to discuss the operational continuity and evaluate the digital revolution's effect on business presence, the latest trends and use cases from banks in the regions, and the future of the leadership virtual assistant chatbot (A.Bot) designed to enable you to work at the speed of light. 



The Cloud technology power in the digital revolution in the banking industry.

Manage data and optimize customers’ continuous banking interactions with Bank-BI® Oracle Cloud and Oracle Autonomous DBS

Banking Chabot’s use cases supported by Oracle Analytics Cloud Technology

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