Rand Hashem
Position: Managing Director
Bio: Mr. Hashem has a diverse scale of experiences working in the progressive fields of industrial data processing and analysis, as well as process automation and control in regional industrial contracting companies. Having gained a deep understanding of the markets in high-tech industries, Mr. Hashem became a partner and cofounder of Pio-Tech in 2003, and then moved forth as Managing Director. Since then, he has helped shape and drive the company’s vision and strategy, managing the company’s teams to provide competitive solutions and services to valued customers across the Middle East and Africa.
Mr. Hashem graduated from Yarmouk University, majoring in Physics and Computer Science.

Motaz Al Maghrebi
Position: Financial Manager
Bio: Since 1988, Mr. Al Maghrebi has gained all-encompassing expertise in the business financial world, and has become skilled at best-practice industry strategies. He joined Pio-Tech in 2007, where he has been responsible for all the financial activities, ensuring that the company’s objectives are driven in the right direction, with further involvements in client assistance as needed.
Mr. Al Maghrebi graduated from the Institute of Banking Studies, majoring in Financial & Banking Sciences.

Iyad Al Sutari
Position: Assistant Managing Director
Bio: A certified Project Management professional, Mr. Al Sutari is currently Pio-Tech’s Assistant Managing Director, where he manages and supervises the company’s projects regionally throughout the Middle East and Africa. He had joined Pio-Tech as a Senior Business Analyst, with a leading role in implementing and managing many of the company’s Business Intelligence and Business Process Management projects.
Mr. Al Sutari graduated from PSUT University, majoring in Computer Science.