Predict, Detect, & Recommend

The limitations of traditional Anti-Money Laundering efforts such as; the narrow coverage of identification, long cycle of clue discovery, and extensive delay - all appear at every step of banks’ analysis for AML as a critical and continuing problem, since it consumes an excessive amount of time and effort of manpower, resources, assets to manage and control the processes.

Banks must further along in their development of AML and compliance tools to stay on top of Anti-Money Laundering trends and stay ahead of any suspicious activity.

Therefore, Pio-Tech is pleased to announce its adoption of the modern revolutionary era of Advanced Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for AML which will dramatically keep banks ahead of suspicious activities, while offering better protection. The Pio-Tech I.AML is designed with powerful sophisticated intelligence toolsets through the application of state-of-the-art Machine Learning Algorithms that will provide banks with the ability to become more proactive in the sense of predicting suspicious transactions with high accuracy and confidence, and offering timely detection of such transactions for informed and effective decision making the course of action. Hence, this is significant to banks as it offers an efficient mechanism for protection via genuine alerts.

Effective Optimal, Dynamic, and Adaptive Alerts and Case Management

The advanced analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning will evolve dynamic and adaptive rules based on the learning process from past data whether they are internal or external sources and without explicitly imposing any knowledge/rules from subject matter experts. Hence, the I.AML has the ability to continuously learn from existing and new experience and accordingly add/delete/modify rules. Therefore, the I.AML is very adaptive in catering to new scenarios and experiences that investigators and analysts had no prior knowledge about. Thereafter, suspicious customers will be assigned to an appropriate investigator to conduct the proper due diligence.

Multi-Dimensional Technology for Proactive Compliance

The I.AML doesn’t work separately. We empower AML with KYC Optimization to enrich the understanding of customer behavior and anticipation of fraud probability, through providing accurate and reliable data of customer profile information, then deliver proper and efficient proactive AML compliance and fraud detection.


Risk-based Approach

The three-way multi-level risk assessment enables banks to detect all suspicious activities, issuing immediate risk alerts on transactions, customers and accounts. The prediction engine will help understanding future risks while ensuring that relevant parameters are used to optimize and fine-tune the suspicious scenarios.


Features & Benefits

  • Prediction at the early stages with high accuracy and confidence.
  • Dynamic and Adaptive Rules and Scenarios.
  • Continues optimization of suspicious scenarios. 
  • Full Automation and less human intervention.
  • Visual link analysis down to the grain level data – Drill down Capabilities.
  • Social Media integration (Optional).
  • Better visual analytics.

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