(Enterprise Anti Money Laundry AML solutions)

As known money launderers in the world usually keep using new strategies and ideas, and this becomes a headache for the banks to keep monitoring, studying, and tracking to figure out their behaviors especially for unexpected ones.

Today any AML system is built to detect any suspicious activity and based on the experience that has been taken from the previous cases, which means any new behavior which will be taken by those money launderers will be difficult to automatically detect, and this will require human interventions and reflect the new updates on the systems for the future cases. Usually, this will happen after the money launderer made some success activities without any punishment.

Accordingly, the traditional AML systems have some gaps which can be breached, which means we should add something to detect, prospect and predict the money launderer activities even it is unexpected or a new trend in their world which can easily pass any AML system and the previous experiences which the banks have.

Pio-Tech has released an advanced AML (Enterprise Solution) which empowered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, this enterprise solution will help the banks to detect, prospect and predict the supervised and unsupervised activities from the money launderers without relying only on the bank experience or the need to do manual monitoring in order to detect any new behavior, also it will generate early warning before the money laundry activities will happen.

Due to the sensitivity on the financial impact, while having money laundering and the risk situation which might affect the bank reputation, the Enterprise AML solution is a quantum leap for the banks to Anti-Money Laundry and to protect the bank from this danger which is always threatening the financial institutions in the world.


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Author: Nazmi Al-Saffarini

Development Director

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