Now more than ever it is crystal clear to all organisations, and especially Banks and the financial sector, how important it is to focus on their digital transformation and it is solutions, specifically from a marketing and business continuity perspective.

As Marketers and Business leaders, we are always thinking about how can we best reach to our clients and better serve them in order to differentiate ourselves and add more value to the people who deal with us, and if you are like us, then the current situation must have impacted you. Now is the time we change tactics in order for us to regain our leading position in the market and ensure that our business will prosper.

The current worldwide situation dictates that we must keep distance, must keep our employees, clients, and stakeholders safe, yet we should not stop our operations and we should continue working and continue with our plans. Some of us see this as an opportunity to enhance our services. Since we are a technology company enabling digital transformation with a concrete focus on the banking industry, our experts in Marketing, Banking business, and Technology came up with this list for your to consider if you want to differentiate your Bank and the services you provide to your customers.

1. An all Digital winning strategy

With the current worldwide situation and the forced and accelerated transformation Banks and financial institutions should pay more attention to embracing new technologies and on building winning digital strategy which will enable them to handle the different and increasing demands from customers, regulators, and central banks around the world while keeping everyone safe, and avoid crowding people at their offices or at their branches, which in turn will enhance the work environment for the people, improve the customer experience, and keep the regulators happy.

2. Virtual assistant

An Advanced user-friendly chatbot application that is specifically designed to serve the bank’s customers and the banks executives through predefined directed chat scenarios and actions coupled with Machine learning in order for the virtual assistant to learn more about your needs and requirements to better help you and ensure delivering the right value, service or report to you as per your demand, with voice recognition capabilities.

3. Virtual Branches (Portable sales office)

Last year our Banking and technology experts came up with a new product which was didactic to improve the Bank’s clients experience and provide them with all they need without having to visit their branch or speak to a representative, we call it the Portable sale office (PSO) this product is a fully functioning Bank Branch available on your sales team tablet/mobile device, which can provide any service the client might ask for at their office, home or even in a coffee house while they’re sipping on their coffee during their break.

4. Cloud empowered Banking Solutions

Banks and financial institutions are usually fighting tides to stay compliant with the central bank’s reports and the regulatory bodies reports which is a time consuming yet critical for the bank, and for that reason companies like Pio-Tech which is a combination of banking experts & SME’s and technology scientists working hand in hand to develop solutions and platforms that enables the sector’s digital transformation, takes care of these mundane tasks, and accelerate and improve the standards of the work environment, freeing the employees to do the more important and creative tasks and automating the daily tasks such as the reports requested by central banks and regulators. In addition to enhancing services provided to the bank’s clients through a custom made customer engagement platform and technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Robotics.

These powerful solutions and platforms could be fully deployed remotely at ease and are available on the Cloud.

All of this means that with such technologies and solutions your operations can run in a more agile manner, there will be no waiting time for your clients to get the service they seek, and there will be a strong business continuity channel which will allow your bank to assume a leading position no matter the situation, and all of this adds up to the value your offer your clients and employees while keeping your stakeholders happy.

If you’d like to know how can we help your bank go to the next level contact us and an expert from our team will be with you shortly.

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Author: Mahfooz Khrawish

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