Banking Employee Experience Vs. Customer Experience with Technology

What is the link between employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX)? The answer is simple: employees who are more engaged in the happy with what they are doing are expected to create better customer experiences! Thus, leading to more satisfied and loyal customers. Market-leading banks recognize that a thoughtful focus on managing employee experience and equipping them with the right technologies is not only good for their workforce but also good for the overall success of their bank.

This article will not discuss how to get a culture of engaged employees, rather answer the question of how to enhance employee and customer experience using technology. There are a lot of suggestions/methods that can contribute to the employee experience but what if we deploy software or a robot to help deliver the mundane tasks? Would this help free people to do other important tasks, collaborate, and connect with the bank’s target customers? and result in enhancing the customer experience!

There are a lot of great examples and information that can be found in a study published by Gartner in January 2019 with a topic “Gartner Predicts 25 Percent of Digital Workers Will Use Virtual Employee Assistants Daily by 2021“. This prediction from Gartner gives an indication that at some stage in our lives we will be interacting with robots to remotely access services by our trusted organizations. However, does this mean a better customer experience? You may take a moment and answer this question by yourself. Just look back at that one time or several times you interacted with a robot (in any kind of shape or form) and rate it from 1 to 10.

In any case, can you imagine having a robot that will assist you at work to deliver the tedious tasks, how great is that? Pio-Tech and UiPath have a vision for today’s modern workplace called “A robot for every person”, this will allow employees to use and benefit from automation. Of course, this will enable employees to focus on important and creative tasks and give them more time to collaborate with the organization’s customers. Customers in return will have better experience interacting with the organizations they work with and so their loyalty increased as a result, knowing that at Pio-Tech we have also launched the vision “Virtual assistant to every client”.

These are just simple examples of how much technology can contribute not only to your bank operational excellence, but also enhances your employee experience and productivity, and therefore, enhancing your customer’s experience and improving your customer satisfaction of the services provided by your bank.

Banking Employee Experience Vs. Customer Experience

The advanced science and technology we have today are enabling us to see some futuristic ideas come to life. In the last 10 years, we witnessed great evolution in how businesses are interacting with customers, as an example: you can open a bank account via your mobile device or laptop while sitting at home! Whoever thought that we could do that? In short, the world is changing, there are new technologies available to help us improve and enhance our experiences around a lot of aspects of our lives, and eventually no one will be left behind unless they refuse the change.

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Author: Omar Al-Shishani

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