The launch aims to improve customer experience through advanced technology solutions

Pio-Tech and Safwa Islamic Bank celebrated the launch of the new Pio-Tech Loan Origination Solution with the participation of a group of the bank’s executives and the CEO Mr. Samer Al-Tamimi, and a group of Pio-Tech’s team members and the CEO Mr. Tariq Al-Safarini.

The new Loan Origination solution was designed at Pio-Tech, in a way that simulates modern financial technology, to reduce and accelerate the time in applying the steps to apply for funds through a prompt and immediate response that leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the new system enhances the customer’s journey within the bank, making it faster and smarter journey, that improves the level of service provided to customers and in line with the bank’s vision and goals, in achieving customer satisfaction and a better response to them.

Mr. Samer Al Tamimi the CEO of Safwa Islamic Bank added that “Our relationships with customers have developed with and allocating them with distinctive services of high quality is one of the Bank priorities. Therefore, we have developed financing services and launched an automation system for individual funds. The system facilitates funding operations for individuals by reducing the time required to grant funding to the customer from the moment of submitting the application to the branch and until the implementation is completed.

Mr. Al Tamimi added “and this is for the purposes of enhancing customer satisfaction with the bank’s services in terms of speed in responding to funding requests and the possibility of obtaining initial approval through credit assessment, which leads to higher operational efficiency and reduces paperwork and human errors”

And Mr. Tariq Saffarini CEO of Pio-Tech added” Our focus has always been to deliver the highest value to our clients and their clients, with a clear vision of developing solutions and technology that improves the living standards of everyone around us, we are proud to be partners in success with Safwa Bank today, and in the future”

About Pio-Tech

Pio-Tech is the leader of Digital Transformation and Business Acceleration in Banking Industry across the Middle East and African Continent.

Drawing on 17 years of extensive banking  and technology experience, the strong entrepreneurial spirit of Pio-Tech is always keen to bring real value and observable differences to local and global financial markets, through vital business values that ensures better, faster and smarter banking, while its sophisticated solutions provide a crystal-clear vision around potential opportunities as well as possible threats, which enhancing decision-making process and leads to assets safeguarding, business prosperity and sustainable growth.