Amman, December 2021. MedLabs Consultancy Group, one of the largest networks of medical laboratories in the region, has signed an agreement with Pio-Tech, one of the leading companies in digital transformation and business acceleration to implement the Lab Analytics (Labs Performance Analytics Dashboards) using Microsoft Power BI system.

The Lab Analytics (Labs Performance Analytics Dashboards) system aims to enhance the decision-making process and the accuracy of data provided by the client’s own system. This tool offers a seamless way to access any required information that efficiently serves clients and meets their needs.

The agreement was signed as part of MedLabs’ vision to adopt and harness technology to keep pace with key technical developments that are taking place globally. On this occasion, Dr. Hassib Sahyoun, CEO of MedLabs Consultancy Group, commented: “We are always looking for technical solutions that will help us make better decisions that in turn lead to better patient service. We are working hard to employ the latest technologies in the world of laboratory medicine and we are happy to have chosen Pio-Tech for its long experience in the field of information technology.”

Commenting on the signing ceremony, Mr. Tariq Al-Saffarini, CEO of Pio-Tech, stated, “We are committed to continuous efforts to provide the highest value to our customers, taking into account the interests of the clients of MedLabs, with a clear vision to develop technical solutions and advanced technology. We are proud to present and implement the Lab Analytics (Labs Performance Analytics Dashboards) system at MedLabs Laboratories who continuously strive to keep pace with technological development. The system can improve decision-making processes and ensure that they are up to date with the modern technology revolution”.

About MedLabs

Established in Jordan in 1993, MedLabs Consultancy Group is a pioneering Jordanian Company in the field of diagnostic laboratory medicine that has become the fastest-growing network of private medical laboratories in the Levant region, operating 46 branches in Jordan, 5 branches in Palestine, and 5 branches in Iraq. MedLabs is the only private medical laboratories institution in Jordan to be fully accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), ISO 15189, and the HCAC. It is also ISO 9001 management certified and has received the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence (2011), reflecting MedLabs’ commitment to the highest levels of testing quality, safety, and patient care within an integral culture of community building, self-development, knowledge sharing, and sustainability.

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About Pio-tech

Pio-tech is one of the leading companies in the development, digital transformation, and business acceleration solutions, which are built using advanced and modern technologies. Since the company’s establishment in 2003, Pio-Tech has been distinguished by providing a set of innovative solutions and systems that have greatly contributed to improving the various internal services in financial and technology institutions. In addition to improving the efficiency of strategic decision-making, which has resulted in business growth for more than 80 financial sector clients in 22 countries across the Middle East and the African continent.

With 18 years of experience in technical solutions and advanced technology, Pio-tech offers a wide range of digital solutions and systems that cover many IT functions, such as decision-making, customer requirements, risk, and compliance, and they are fully compliant with all local and international standards.

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