National Bank of Yemen signs an agreement to implement Bank-BI® AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Solution from Pio-Tech

Jordan – Yemen.
December, – 2021

National Bank of Yemen, the Award winner from the Arab Organization for Information and Communication Technology, has signed an agreement with Pio-Tech, one of the leading companies in digital transformation and business acceleration to implement Bank-BI® AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Solution.

Bank-BI® AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Solution, will grant National Bank of Yemen the ability to combat all types of money laundering, terrorist financing, and monitor suspicious activities immediately.

By implementing Bank-BI® AML from Pio-Tech, in the NBY, the bank will be able to track and analyze  all types of financial operations easily. AML solution is build upon pre-defined scenarios,  detection  alerts, and monitors illegal financial activities detected to conduct the necessary and effective investigations. Thereby enhancing, improving and accelerating Anti-Money Laundering processes.

Dr. Mohammed Hussein Halboob, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NBY, expressed his pleasure with the agreement, saying that “the implementation of Bank-BI® AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Solution will enhance NBY’s ability to confront and reduce the risk of money laundering, in addition to gaining the ability to classify customers, which will contribute to accelerating and maximizing the efficiency of the anti-money laundering operations. In addition to increasing customer confidence in the safe banking environment provided by NBY to its customers from all sectors,”.

Mr Tariq Al-Safarini, CEO of Pio-Tech, stated: “We are working in dedication to meet the needs of our clients and provide the best solutions and modern systems in the banking sector. Our systems contribute to providing the requirements and interests of NBY customers. We are proud to apply the NBY’s Anti-Money laundering Solution, which reduces the risk of money laundering and any suspicious transactions.”

About NBY:

The National Bank of Yemen, the winner of the Excellence and Achievement Award from the World Union of Arab Bankers, cooperates with the possession of more advanced systems and solutions and the provision of many distinguished commercial values in the Middle East with many large banks in the Middle East. It is the first government bank to be established after the country’s independence from British colonialism The Bank has exercised and still plays important roles represented in organizing the financial and banking process and financing large and small projects in various fields.

About Pio-Tech:

Pio-Tech is one of the leading companies in the development, digital transformation solutions, and business acceleration in the banking industry in the Middle East and Africa, created using advanced and modern technologies. Since its inception in 2003, Pio-Tech has been characterized by a range of innovative banking solutions and systems that have greatly improved the various internal services in the banking and technology sector, so that Pio-Tech is always keen on entrepreneurship and achieves real value for the clients in local and global financial markets, as well as improving the efficiency of strategic decision-making, resulting in business growth for more than 80 financial sector clients in 22 countries across the Middle East and the continent.

Pio-Tech solutions use Bank-BI®, Bank-BPM®and Bank-CEP® on the cloud SaaS – either fully on the cloud or using a hybrid model.

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