Amman- Jordan, March 23. Pio-Tech the leading provider of Banking Business Intelligence and Performance Management Solutions in the Middle East and Africa Regions, participated as an exhibitor at The World Fintech Summit 2022 held at St. Regis.

The summit-themed FINTECH: EMPOWERING A GLOBAL DIGITAL ECONOMY, brought attendance from around 10 countries of over 1000 FinTech professionals and speakers who are shaping the current and future of payments and digital banking & financial products & services.

Pio-Tech experts who took part in the conference presented the latest leading solutions such as; Digital Transformation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and other bank-related technologies that serve the banking sector and enhance the performance of banks’ operations and decision-making processes.

Our Director of Digital Transformation, Mr. Jamal Dweik, discussed pointers about “Building an A.I. Platform to Retain Connected Customers” where he illustrated the importance of having “good” quality data, the main element for creating viable Artificial Intelligence (AI) models and algorithms.

During his speech, Mr. Dweik explained how finding anomalies is uncomplicated if the “INFORMATION PLATFORM” is constructed correctly. He, also, gave examples of some of the utilities that can be employed to govern the quality of data, sustain its validity, and the association between sample data size and bounds – bigger sample tighter bounds – whilst building the bank’s information platform. Mr. Dweik, furthermore, described four factors that contributed to the realization of Artificial Intelligence (AI): the use of Massive Data, Massive Models, Trial & Error, and Feature Engineering.

He concluded by echoing the importance of maintaining quality data, investing in refining the necessary tools and applications to generate proper analysis and insights, and, lastly, the use of AI Models and how to prevent them from “rust” becoming impractical.

Pio-Tech is proud to announce that it has won in the Peacock Awards
“Best Digital Transformation Solution”

Pio-Tech won the award based on several aspects such as impact and engagement, creativity, and strategy to make banks Faster, Better, and Smarter.